Since 2004, Butterfield Market has managed and operated the Café at the New York School of Interior Design located on 70th Street between Lexington and Third Avenue. Open during the regular and summer semesters, the cafe serves a bountiful selection of fresh baked pastries, freshly brewed coffees, homemade soups, healthy salads, delicious sandwiches, and much more. The café is open to students and faculty.




Throughout the year, you can find Butterfield Cafés all around the city at art and trade shows. Serving our signature foods and drinks, they recreate the same inviting feel as the Butterfield Market. By developing a uniquely-tailored menu and layout for each show, our Cafes are designed to meet the individual needs and comfort of the show’s attendees and vendors.  



If you are interested in using Butterfield as your food service provider, we will be happy to consult with you to develop and install a Café unique to your event or location. Please email us at cafes@butterfieldmarket.com or call (212) 772-8782 Ext. 209 to speak with Evan Obsatz.











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ADAA Show                              Armory Show

March 6-11                                 March 7-10   


Pier Antiques                             AD Show 

March 17-18                              March 22-25                                    


Art Expo                                     AIPAD Show                                     

March 22-25                              March29-April 1                             

Antiquarian Book Fair 

April 12-15