Inside Butterfield

Flowers and Creation

In this episode of "Inside Butterfield Market," we will get the opportunity to explore our beautiful floral department. Sebastien, Flowers and Creations' proprietor and manager, has over two decades of experience in floral design. Learn more about how our floral department is second to none and how Sebastien creates unique arrangements.

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Produce Spotlight - Pink Muscat Grapes with Produce John

Meet Butterfield Market’s produce guru, Produce John. John discusses how he got started in the business and pink muscat grapes. Pink muscat grapes are very distinctive and prized by chefs worldwide. Learn why you should try them today.

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Our Kitchen - The Heart of Butterfield Market's Operation

In this episode of “Inside Butterfield Market” we get a glimpse of Butterfield’s kitchen where all the magic happens. We also meet Executive Chef Jorge Flores to learn what inspires him and the food he creates.

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