D.O.P. Umbria, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Cold Extraction

The Melchiorri family has selected for you their fine extra virgin olive oil DOP Umbria (Umbria Protected Designation of Origin) from only Assisi-Spoleto hills. All the olives used in their premium oil are obtained after cold pressing Moraiolo olives (not less than 65%) along with Frantolo, Leccino and other specialty olives (10%). Each olive is selected by hand, milled and extracted in strict accordance with their traditional methods to ensure superior oil quality with rich aromas and unique flavors. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is ideal for those that want a healthy lifestyle and enjoy the Mediterranean diet. Organoleptic Characteristics: Color: green/yellow. Scent: fruity middle - intense, fruity of olive, floral, a full bouquet, typical. Taste: fresh, fruity and pungent with a slightly bitter aftertaste. This quality of oil can only be obtained by the method of cold pressing. Protected Designation of Origin. Guaranteed by Control Organism authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry. www.oliomelchiorri.com. Dispose of properly. Product of Italy. This extra virgin olive oil is an authentic product of Italy.