Adirondack Creamery French Whiteface Mint Chip Ice Cream 14 Fl Oz

Ice cream as it should be. Farm fresh. Local. Simple. Udderly delicious. Our Whiteface Mint Chip ice cream is named after the Adirondack high peak of Olympic fame due to its white as snow color. This flavor is made with pure peppermint and rich dark chocolate chunks that melt in your mouth. Paul Nasrani was inspired to create New York's finest and purest ice cream deep the Adirondacks at Silver Bay, on the shores of Lake George, where he started Adirondack Creamery. Today, our creamery is based near the family farms that produce the rBST (The FDA said no significant difference has been shown between milk derived from rBST-treated and non-rBST treated cows) free milk and cream we use, allowing us to make an ice cream that closer to the cow. We distribute locally and utilize simple, recognizable ingredients. We believe this philosophy makes a tremendous difference in the taste and quality of our products. Adirondack Creamery contributes to organizations that work to preserve the Adirondack Park.