Harmless Harvest, Organic Coconut Water, 8.75 Oz.

Harmless Harvest® Organic Harmless Coconut® Water. USDA Organic. Fair for life - fair trade. 8.75 fl oz 259 ml. What is harmless coconut® water Pure, organic water found in young green coconuts. Unlike some other coconut waters, this is not a thermally pasteurized blend, but simply our delicious coconut water. Pink is pure. Coconut water contains varying levels of antioxidants that can make it turn pink. The variation is natural and is just as delicious as the clear bottles so we embrace it. Enjoy! Harmless® and fair. We are committed to an ecosystem based business model and choose fair for life certification to share the welfare we create throughout the chain of custody. 100% Juice means no added sugar - Not a reduced calorie food. Harmless organic means: No GMOs. No synthetic fertilizers. No artificial additives. No prohibited pesticides. No irradiation. BPA free. Certified Organic by Bioagricert. Certified fair for life by IMO. 100% Fair for life certified ingredients. Contact us. 347.467.0733. Email: info@harmlessharvest.com. Visit: www.harmlessharvest.com. © 2017 Harmless Harvest, Inc.