Evian Water, 1.05 L

Mineral Composition (mg/L): Calcium: 80, Magnesium: 26, Potassium: 1, Silica: 15, Bicarbonates: 360, Sulfates: 14, Chlorides: 10. Neutrally balance pH: 7.2. From the French alps. Our ingredients only come from nature: snow from the French Alps and naturally occurring electrolytes and minerals from the glacial rocks. Dissolved solids at 180 degrees C: 345 ppm (mg/L) evian has naturally occurring electrolytes contributing to the taste that nature intended. pureevian.com. Learn more: pureevian.com. For inquiries or a report on Bottled Water Quality & Information: 1-800-633-3363 or evian.com bottled by S.A.E.M.E. at evian 74500 France Source: Cachat spring. Carbon Trust: Carbon neutral. We owe everything to nature and are committed to preserving it. Certified Carbon Neutral. Please recycle. Product of France.