Mc Cann's, Instant Irish Oatmeal

McCann's Regular Instant Irish Oatmeal offers the goodness of whole grain oats, cut a little finer so that they will cook quickly for a traditional oatmeal breakfast that is ready in minutes. Made from oats grown in Ireland, this quick oatmeal has become a versatile ingredient for preparing healthy oatmeal baked goods or flavored oatmeal bowls. McCann's regular oatmeal is certified kosher and fortified with calcium, iron, B vitamins and vitamin A. This instant hot oatmeal helps you start your day with a nutritious meal. Each box contains 12 instant oatmeal packets that allow you to take a delicious oatmeal serving anywhere you go. You can empty a packet into a microwave-safe bowl, add milk or water, and microwave on high for one to two minutes. Then, let flavored oatmeal stand for 1-2 minutes and stir before serving for best results.