Fly By Jing Zhong Sauce

A sweet and savory hot sauce that you will find yourself putting on everything (Dumplings, grilled meats, soft cheeses, eggs, carbs) Food by Jenny who increasingly goes by her birth name Jing and was born in Chengdu but grew up everywhere and uses her experience as a trained chef to share meaningful flavors that open people up to new ideas and conversations. Not traditional, but personal. This tastes different. Sichuan province. Everywhere else. Refers to the hole in the wall restaurants in Chengdu that are so delicious they attract people like flies. Jenny's birth name that she still feels a little uncomfortable responding to but is trying to reconnect with. This Jar Contains: 1 hour of wide eyed surprise. 15 meals that impress mom. 8 white shirts stained with chili oil. 21 meh meals turned into mmm meals. 15 friends saying this is so good what is it? 10000 tingling taste buds. 64 garbled words spoken with food in mouth. 5 hours of comfort. 28 wide eyed grins when it tastes good on that too. These flavors come from careful techniques and specific ingredients we spent many hours sourcing in the mountains and countrysides outside Chengdu, like the electrifying hand harvested Gongjiao tribute pepper so prized it used to be given as a tribute to the emperor our products don't taste like anything else, because they're not made like anything else. Hours of flavor inside.