Brillo Soap Pads, Steel Wool, Lemon 10 Ea

More soap, longer lasting! The original soap pad. Fresh scent! Original Grease Fighting Soap: Cuts through tough messes. Bonded Edges: Maintains shape of pad. Anti-Rust Formula: Resists rust. Brilliant beyond the sink. Brillo helps cut through grime and leaves tough-to-clean surfaces brilliant. Cookware: Silverware; Dishes & bowls; Bakeware; Glassware; Utensils; Pots & pans. Indoors: Stovetops & ovens; Burners; Tile floors; Countertops; Ttainless-steel sinks; Glass shower doors. Outdoors: Barbecue grills; Tires/wheels; Machinery & tools, Outdoor patio; Furniture; Golf clubs. Family-owned since 1908. Our Environmental Commitment: Contains biodegradable soaps and detergents; Contains no phosphorus; Box made from 100% recycled materials, with 35% post-consumer sources; When composted, the box is biodegradable.