Halfday Green Tea, Peach 11 Oz

4 g sugar. 8 g fiber. 40 calories; 8 g plant fiber antioxidants. 49 mg caffeine. Gluten-free. Vegan. Good for your gut! Tea tonic! Naturally caffeinated. Non-carbonated. Oh hey. What's a tea tonic, you say? Classic iced tea flavors with bold tonic benefits. Like prebiotics, plant fiber, antioxidants the good stuff! For gut health! We don't want to ramble but we're pretty jazzed. Just ask our peach pal, floating the day away next to our tea tonic benefits. We're always looking for a smoother sip. So give a little shake, drink chilled, and treat yourself to a Halfday! drinkhalfday.com. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. (at)drinkhalfday. Please recycle.