Asturi Bruschettini Italian Toast, Classico Virgin Olive Oil

All natural. With extra virgin olive oil. The joy of good eating. Our all natural Asturi Bruschettinis originate from the scenic region of Piedmont in Northern Italy - a breathtaking land with towns nestled in the foothills of the Alps, rich in history and tradition, and recognized for its sumptuous cuisine and fine wines. Our Italian Bruschetta mini toast is baked using only the highest quality virgin olive oil and a sprinkle of sea salt. We use a unique blend of wheat flour and durum wheat semolina for a firm yet crispy texture. This gourmet snack is made using age-old artisanal methods, including a double-baking technique, which results in a delicious homemade taste. We take our time to make it right by utilizing a 22-hour natural leavening process for the dough ensuring quality and flavor in every bite. They are the perfect snack all by themselves or topped with almost anything - truly a great complement for any occasion. Best of all, we use no milk, cheese, eggs, or honey in our recipe, making it ideal for vegan lifestyles! You can snack guilt free because our delicious Bruschettinis are baked with: 100% Natural and simple ingredients. 100% Olive oil. Asturi: Live. Love. Snack. Abraco Group: