Naturi Organic Italian Chestnuts

Naturi® Organic Italian Chestnuts. Great snack! USDA Organic. Ready to eat. Gluten free. No sugar added. 100% Natural. No preservatives. Good source of protein. Premium grade. 3.5 oz/100 grs. Our delicious chestnuts are harvested in the Campania Region of Italy using traditional methods that have been perfected and passed down for centuries... You will love the flavor and enjoy the benefits of this gluten free, rich in fiber and nutrient-packed delicacy. Eat straight out of the package, warm them up in the oven or use them in a variety of delicious recipes - from cookies to holiday stuffing! For more recipes, please visit: P Medfruits S.R.I. Tel 011-39-81-5104661. Fax 011-39-81-5102726. Certified by CCPB for A.J. Trucco Inc. U.S.A. Trucco. Fresh produce, dried fruit & nuts.