Calvi, Mosto Oro Unfiltered Olive Oil, Gold,

The extra virgin olive oil ""Mosto Oro"" is the pride of the Calvi company. It is exclusively produced from the finest quality ""Taggiasca"" olives, one of the noblest varieties of olives, typical of the hills of western Liguria. Harvested by hand during the coldest part of the year, at maximum ripening, the olives are then immediately cold pressed in our oil mill, to ensure the best quality. ""Mosto"" means unfiltered, and in fact, the oil is sold just as it comes from the mill, after a period of natural decantation and only bottled immediately prior to shipment. Thanks to its extremely mild, almondy and yet fruity flavour, ""Mosto Oro"" enhances the most refined dishes and is especially recommended for dressing fish. The elegantly wrapped bottle (in gold foil) ensures complete protection against light for a better preservation of the organoleptic characteristics of the product.