Garofalo No. 73 Penne Mezzani Rigate 16 Oz

Vegan: International. Non-GMO Project verified. La pasta di gragnano dal 1789 macaroni product. La pasta di gragnano we have made our pasta for over 200 years. We believe that every pasta shape has its own personality: type of mold. Drying time and temperature. Our IGP certification assures slow drying (up to 48 hours) and at low temperatures for unique Flavour and a remarkable taste. One ingredient 100% Durum wheat semolina pasta di gragnano IGP. Tel +39 08 80 1002. Fax +39 08 80 2937. info(at) Customer service USA 801-468-4000. Protected Geographical Indication. Product of Italy. La Pasta di Gragnano We have made our pasta for over 200 years in the town of Gragnano. The town was named for wheat (Grano). Fresh spring water, sunny weather and the nearby sea make this hill the perfect area in all of Italy for making pasta. We are proud of our pasta and know that you will enjoy it.