Smart Puffs, Baked Cheese Puffs, 1 Oz.

Genius! Yes. Oven baked & all natural. No preservatives. Gluten & trans fat free. Attention snackers! Smart Puffs is at the top of its class made with real, all natural ingredients baked into tasty, crunchy puffs. They're just the answer you've been looking for. Smart Puffs is a deliciously light and airy snack made from the finest milled American corn and the tastiest Wisconsin cheddar. At Pirate Brands, we have been creating healthier treasures since 1987 with the belief you shouldn't have to snackrifice taste for - brilliant! As the leader of the healthy snacking revolution, we've created products for the whole family that are all natural, baked and delicious. We've eliminated fryers and trans fats from all of our products and keep the ingredients simple (no need to Google search today). Our only additives are just good wholesome fun. You've discovered the hidden treasure, Genius!! - Robert.