Terra, Vegetable Chips, Blue Sea Salt, 1 Oz.

Made from naturally blue potatoes. 40% less fat as compared to other leading brands of potato chips. Terra Chips introduces an extraordinary chip guaranteed to please your eye, as well as your palate. Terra Blues. Made from natural Blue Potatoes, these premium quality chips are a delectable treat. Vibrant bluish-purple in color with a slightly nutty flavor, they're simply unforgettable. Each delicious batch is cooked via a special vacuum process with gives you a low fat chip, without sacrificing color or taste. So these all-natural, gourmet snacks are as easy on your waistline as they are on your eyes. Try Terra Blues. With color so pure and taste so sophisticated, they're truly a rhapsody in blue. Comparisons Per Serving: Other Leading Brands of Potato Chips: 10 g fat; Terra Blues 40% Less Fat: 6 g fat. Made in the USA.